Rob Johnson (RJ)



Born in Suffolk and spent my early years listening to local radio and Laser558 in the 80s. I used to run a mobile disco called Twilight Zone and had a stint on the airwaves of Hospital Radio Ipswich.

I moved to Eastbourne in 1987, continuing with mobile and club work. I trained as a web designer and marketeer, starting my own agency covering Sussex.

Having moved back to Suffolk in 2017, I rebranded the digital agency to Red Rocket. We work with all types of businesses from small enterprises to large national and local corporates, including designing new websites for Carol Decker and T’Pau – a real dream project considering my love of everything ’80s!


What’s your favourite childhood memory?

The long summer of ‘76 on Felixstowe Beach with my best friends. Great days, No school, no phones, no worries but always had to be home before it got dark…

If you could see any artiste in concert, living or dead, who would you choose?

Elton John

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Love to fish, camping, Walking the dog and funny enough listen to music!!!

Prefer starter & main course, or main course and dessert?

All 80s with me Starter of prawn cocktail followed by a lovely steak and chips

Ant or Dec?

Oh God!!! If I had to choose Dec, cheeky chappie

Should pineapple ever be used on pizza?

Oh no!!! Pineapple should not be used on anything full stop I’m afraid

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