Ian Doyle



Born in the North West of England, home of the fab four and the 2 greatest football teams ever.

Since the age of 13 has had an undying and unbridled passion for all things radio combined with a cheeky bit of live stage and dj work thrown in for good measure. A passionate fixed wing pilot, horse rider and all round action man!

I also work in film and tv on an ad hoc basis and enjoy meeting the rich and famous, sometimes they even look forward to meeting me 😉

I feel very privileged to be on team Suffolk sounds and look forward to enhancing and enriching my radio experience and making the station “the” one to listen to!!


What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Being taken on my first holiday abroad to the south of France at the age of 10 where I felt like a millionaire….didn’t enjoy the 30 hour coach trip though!

If you could see any artiste in concert, living or dead who would you choose?

The Beatles in the original Cavern please

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Fly planes, ride horses(badly) play racquet sports(badly), budding am dram participant and love the old karaoke but can’t comment for the rest of the people who are subjected to it!

Prefer starter and main course or main course and dessert?

Can I not have all 3?

Ant or Dec?

The shorter one, which one is that?

Should pineapple ever be used on pizza?

Hell yes!!

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