Emma Goodridge-Hobson

This is my second venture into radio, I used to be a correspondent for a running radio show pre-covid. I am a keen runner, swimmer, walker and
interested in meditation, wellbeing and supporting positive mental and physical health for myself and others. I am part of the team at the Suffolk
circle, a women’s collective support mind, body and spirit created by women for women. I have a young family and live my music and am a lover
of words.
What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Our naughty tortoises
If you could see any artiste in concert, living or dead, who would you choose?
Neil Diamond
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Swim. Run, swim, walk, spend as much time as possible in nature, meditating, following the seasons and exploring weird and wonderful
Prefer starter & main course, or main course and dessert?
Starter and main course
Ant or Dec?
Dec. He was my not so secret crush in the biker grove days, and my husband had the same haircut as him all those years ago!
Should pineapple ever be used on pizza?
Of course. If not it is not a pizza
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